Information about TAP QuickChat

How it works

How it works

Create Profile:
1. Complete the profile form
2. Upload a personal photo
3. In the "About Me" section, include a description of who you are that includes both professional and personal narrative

Add Payment Details:
1. To receive payments, you will need to either connect your a. Bank account or b. Paypal Account
2. These can be added in the "Payments" tab to the left of the screen on the settings page

Post a listing:
1. Identify a very specific life experience, skill or insight you have that you feel would be beneficial to other TAP members
2. Post your listing by completing the form and be sure to add a photo
3. Please use £5 as a standard price

Discover other members:
1. You can browse profiles of other TAP members by searching for name, location or content of their listing
2. You can choose to follow particular members by clicking on the "Follow" button at the bottom of their picture on  their profile

Payment Information:
1. All payments are processed by Stripe and all information is sent securely to their servers
2. We do not store any payment details whatsoever
3. TAP takes 50% of transaction to pay for the running costs of the platform