Information about TAP QuickChat


The TAP QuickChat Community

TAP is an invitation-only global network for talent. TAP members do stuff – for themselves and others, and always with determination. They’re self-aware, fiercely motivated, and of high integrity. They care about success, and they care about the world we live in.

There is no archetype for a TAP-member. We are educators and entrepreneurs. Lawyers and advocacy workers. Doctors and financial directors. Reporters. Lobbyists. Pilots. Marines. We believe in uniting diversity.

TAP connects members across geographic, sector, and demographic lines. We marry diverse skills, mindsets and backgrounds and connect members to a global community of doers who bring very different things to the table. Through TAP, members have the opportunity to engage with, work with, and learn from other people with expertise and insight far beyond their immediate realm of exposure.

Intentionally connecting people exposes unique opportunities that would otherwise go unrealized, and fostering relationships empowers members to work together to solve real-world problems within and beyond TAP.

Problem solving. That’s why we started TAP. To amplify any one person’s ability to solve problems through the swift and effective mobilization of human, capital, and other critical resources spread across the world.

QuickChat is a platform for TAP members to discover, engage and exchange Life Experiences, Skills and Insights. It is built for TAP members by TAP members and is exclusive to the TAP community.

Each member has been individually vetted to make sure that the quality of exchanges is kept to a high standard.